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Chapter 9 Take Her Blood

  • Gu Zechuan didn’t answer Xia He. He took her straight to the hospital, to Yang Qinglian’s room. There, Yang Qinglian laid unconscious on the sickbed, her face as white as snow.
  • "Xia He, you made my little Lian stillborn, and she lost a lot of blood. The hospital has no more reserve for her blood type. Your blood is a match. So whatever blood she lost, you will give her." Throwing this coldly at Xia He, Gu Zechuan turned to look at Yang Qinglian lovingly and caringly.
  • But Xia He was beyond maddening by Gu Zechuan’s words. "What does her stillborn have anything to do with me? What eyes of yours saw that I did anything to her? When it happened, I was in the study with you!"
  • At her words, Gu Zechuan only laughed coldly, "The soup in the kitchen. You made it right?"
  • "Yes." Xia He confirmed. She made it for herself, but for the entire day she hadn’t been able to drink it.
  • Yang Ruolan said, beside Yang Qinglian, "Your soup is what caused my little Lian’s baby to become stillborn. The doctor said that there is a lot of almonds in that soup. Almonds are poison to pregnant women. Don’t you feel guilty at all about murdering a young life?"
  • Xia He was completely dumbstruck. She did make the soup, but she never added almond to it. Moreover, it was her soup. Who told Yang Qinglian to drink it anyway?
  • Xia He explained calmly. "I made that soup for myself. I didn’t put any almond in there. And…"
  • At this, Xia He hesitated. She wasn’t ready to tell Gu Zechuan that she was pregnant with his child. But that moment of hesitation only made Gu Zechuan more certain that Xia He was the one that did it to Yang Qinglian.
  • "And what?" Gu Zechuan asked.
  • Xia He bit her lips. Conflicted. Should she tell him, about how she was pregnant with his child, or should she not? Would he be nicer to her if he knew that she was pregnant with his child? At this, Xia He said, "And I’m pregnant too. How could I possibly have added almond to my soup?"
  • When Gu Zechuan heard that Xia He was pregnant, his eyes suddenly widened like round coins. He looked at Xia He disbelievingly. Though he was deathly drunk that night, he was sure that he only did it to her once. Once was all it needed to make her pregnant? No, this is impossible!
  • Gu Zechuan refused to believe it. Then in this moment, he remembered, that photo that Xia He treasured, that photo of another man...
  • "Xia He!" Gu Zechuan roard, "Which bastard impregnated you with that brat!?"
  • What? Xia He looked at Gu Zechuan, unable to believe her ears. How could he say that? How dare he say that it was another man’s child inside her?
  • "Gu Zechuan! The child I’m pregnant with is your child! He isn’t just anyone’s child!"
  • At this moment, the doctor came in to check on Yang Qinglian’s condition. "The patient will be critical soon if not supplied with enough blood. Did you manage to find a donor?"
  • Gu Zechuan pointed a finger at Xia He. "Take her blood. Her blood is a match. Take as much blood as you want from her."
  • Xia He never thought that Gu Zechuan would have the doctor take her blood to save Yang Qinglian! She had lung cancer, her body was frail enough as it was, and now he would even take her blood on top of it?
  • "I refuse!" Xia He was furious. "I refuse to give blood. What rights do you have to take my blood? Gu Zechuan, you know already that Yang Qinglian’s stillborn has nothing to do with me. Why are you taking my blood still!?"
  • Gu Zechuan laughed, mercilessly, "What right do you have to refuse? The only remaining worth of your life is nothing more than a blood bag for my little Lian. You took her position as Mrs. Gu. You owe her!"