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Chapter 9 Take Her Blood

  • Gu Zechuan didn’t answer Xia He. He took her straight to the hospital, to Yang Qinglian’s room. There, Yang Qinglian laid unconscious on the sickbed, her face as white as snow.
  • "Xia He, you made my little Lian stillborn, and she lost a lot of blood. The hospital has no more reserve for her blood type. Your blood is a match. So whatever blood she lost, you will give her." Throwing this coldly at Xia He, Gu Zechuan turned to look at Yang Qinglian lovingly and caringly.
  • But Xia He was beyond maddening by Gu Zechuan’s words. "What does her stillborn have anything to do with me? What eyes of yours saw that I did anything to her? When it happened, I was in the study with you!"
  • At her words, Gu Zechuan only laughed coldly, "The soup in the kitchen. You made it right?"
  • "Yes." Xia He confirmed. She made it for herself, but for the entire day she hadn’t been able to drink it.
  • Yang Ruolan said, beside Yang Qinglian, "Your soup is what caused my little Lian’s baby to become stillborn. The doctor said that there is a lot of almonds in that soup. Almonds are poison to pregnant women. Don’t you feel guilty at all about murdering a young life?"
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