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Chapter 8 Almost Strangled to Death

  • Gu Zechuan was really going to divorce her?
  • No! She would never accept this!
  • "I will never agree to being divorced to you." Xia He took the agreement into her hands, and ripped it apart into shreds. She glared at Gu Zechuan, with strength in her eyes. She laughed, "You want to divorce me so you can be together with that little nymph of yours? I will tell you here and now, Gu Zechuan. I will always be Mrs. Gu, from now until the day I die, and for eternity to come. I will never give up the position of being Mrs. Gu. And that Yang Qinglian will always be nothing more than a shameless third fiddle!"
  • Xia He’s words successfully infuriated Gu Zechuan. His face darkened, and in a fit of rage he whipped his hand out and tightened around Xia He’s neck. Being choked, immediately Xia He found that she couldn’t breath. The sense of suffocation made her feel as if she now walked alongside the fine boundary between life and death itself.
  • Such strength from Gu Zechuan. He would go as far as to choke her to death, simply because she wouldn’t agree to being to divorced.
  • "Xia He, you know I don’t love you. What do you hope to gain from being Mrs. Gu anyway? If it’s money you wanted you have but to say a number!" Gu Zechuan said, coldly.
  • Hearing what Gu Zechuan said, Xia He’s heart ached from the sadness. She never wanted money. All that she ever wanted, was to stay by his side.
  • "I desired for nothing else. Being Mrs. Gu is the only thing I ever wanted!" Xia He squeezed her words out, difficultly, through her choked throat.
  • Gu Zechuan’s eyes thinned dangerously, "You may be Mrs. Gu, but you only have me by name. You will never have my heart."
  • Heart? As her consciousness dimmed gradually, Xia He subconsciously looked at Gu Zechuan’s chest. ‘I will never have his heart? But that heart of his...’
  • "So long as I have you by name, what use do I have for your heart?" She said it, intentionally, to anger him.
  • And as expected, Gu Zechuan became even more infuriated. He let go of his hands and gravity slammed Xia He hard onto the ground. On the floor, Xia He clasped her hands tightly at her chest. Her heart ached, panged. Perhaps it was caused by the cancer in her, perhaps it was caused by Gu Zechuan, or perhaps it was both.
  • Gu Zechuan said, "You may have ripped this agreement to pieces, but I can print thousands of copies more. One day, you will sign it."
  • With that, Gu Zechuan stormed out the study. And as soon as Xia He got up, she heard Gu Zechuan’s scream. Xia He quickly went to the top of the stairway to look at what had happened. She saw Gu Zechuan, and in his arms was the unconscious Yang Qinglian. When he saw Xia He, he glared at her, with such intensity that his eyes might as well be knives, stabbing at her through her heart.
  • "Xia He! If anything should happen to Qinglian, I’ll have your life!"
  • Xia He looked on everything happening downstairs, confused. She had no idea what had happened, much less what any of it had anything to do with her.
  • "Gu Zechuan, what are you talking about? What does that woman fainting have anything to do with me?" Xia He asked, confused.
  • Gu Zechuan didn’t explain. He simply glared at Xia He, then went out of the house with Yang Qinglian in his arms. Xia He thought he probably took her to the hospital.
  • Xia He was not stupid. This matter of Yang Qinglian fainting definitely wasn’t as simple as it seemed. If all that she had done was part of a scheme to frame her...
  • At this, coldness settled and spread in Xia He’s heart. It was a typical run of the mill trick used in countless dramas and movies, but Gu Zechuan would choose to believe it.
  • What happened on this day exhausted Xia He entirely. She took a shower, and readied herself for bed. But not too long after she settled in her bed, Gu Zechuan barged into the room, bringing two of his bodyguards with him.
  • "Take her to the hospital." Gu Zechuan said, coldly.
  • The air of coldness surrounding Gu Zechuan frightened away all Xia He’s sense of sleepiness. The two bodyguards pulled her sheet off her just like that. More than anything else, Xia He felt humiliated. If she wasn’t wearing her bed clothes, they would have been able to see everything!
  • "Gu Zechuan, just what are you doing?"