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Chapter 7 Invasion Into Her Home

  • "Mrs. Gu, as your doctor, I must suggest that you undergo abortion immediately to take down the child inside of you as soon as possible. That’s how serious the current state of your wellbeing is." The doctor said, his voice adamant with seriousness.
  • Xia He caressed her lower belly softly. Of course she understood exactly what’s happening, and what’s going to happen. But now, inside of her, was a life. She didn’t want to snuff it out.
  • "Doctor, is there really no way to keep this child? I don’t want my baby to die a lonely death in utter darkness without having even seen the light of day. Please, doctor, I beg of you. Please think of something." Xia He pleaded, begged, her voice filled with hopeless desperation.
  • The doctor sighed, a long and lengthy sigh. Truly this Mrs. Gu was a poor piteous creature to behold. Her lung cancer had progressed to the final stage already, and throughout her treatments she was always alone. Every single time. He had not met her husband even once since the time she started her treatment.
  • "The hormones you secrete during pregnancy will cause the cancerous cells in your body to multiply and spread like wildfire. Mrs. Gu, I simply cannot recommend that you keep this child." The doctor said.
  • Hearing the doctor’s words, Xia He’s heart ached so much that tears fell from her eyes. This child was her, and Gu Zechuan’s only child that they could ever have. How could she ever bring herself to get rid of him?
  • Xia He didn’t hesitate at all, "And if I should decide that I want to keep the child nonetheless?"
  • The doctor stared in dumbfounded surprise at Xia He’s determination, "Then I’m afraid, Mrs. Gu, that your life will now enter an ever speeding countdown to your death."
  • In the end, Xia He decided to keep this child. This child was not only the only child that they could ever have together, he was also an independent and perfectly living life. She had no right to deny him of his right to come into this world. But, as to not hinder his growth and maturing, during Xia He’s pregnancy just about all of the cancer suppression medications will now be forbidden to her. The pains that Xia He must endure now, was many times more than what she had gone through already.
  • But what Xia He could never have expected, was that when she returned to the villa, Yang Qinglian and her mother were waiting inside the villa already. When the two of them saw that Xia He had came back, they gave each other a look, then Yang Qinglian walked to Xia He’s side, and put on her most welcoming face, "Ms. Xia, you came back. We’re really sorry for coming here unannounced, but Zechuan said that I’ll be living here from now on. That way, he can look after me and the baby inside me better."
  • The baby... inside her? Xia He stood in place, and felt as if a lightning had struck her out of the blues. Yang Qinglian, had Gu Zechuan’s child in her? Looking at this small woman in front of her, appearing the very image of a pure innocent angel, but rotten to the core on the inside... Xia Ho could only feel disgust.
  • When she spoke, Yang Qinglian reached with her hand as if to touch her, and immediately Xia He backed off well clear of her. She would not dare to let Yang Qinglian to lay even a finger on her. If they were together and Yang Qinglian were to somehow conveniently took a fall... Xia He could only imagine what blames and crimes they would frame her with.
  • Xia He gave a cold laugh, "Gu Zechuan may have agreed to let you in, but I have not. This place belonged not only to him alone. The two of you will pack up and leave right this instance! I do not wish to see you in my sight. A mere third fiddle and you would presume to trespass on my territory?"
  • Hearing Xia He, Yang Qinglian’s mother became displeased. Yang Ruolan retorted, in a strange tone, "We all know who is the real third fiddle here. You think that he belonged to you now that you’ve tricked him into marrying you? The one that Gu Zechuan really loves is my little Lian. Just you see, Gu Zechuan will soon divorce you."
  • As soon as Yang Ruolan finished, Gu Zechuan’s tall and gallant frame emerged from the top of the stairs. Standing over everyone else, he looked down at Xia He, in more ways than one, "Xia He, come to my study. I have matters to discuss with you."
  • Xia He went to his study obediently. Gu Zechuan stood by the window with a document in his hand. When he saw that Xia He had came in, he slammed the document on the table beside where Xia He stood.
  • "Divorce agreement. Sign in." Gu Zechuan said, his face without any trace of emotions.