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Chapter 6 She Was Pregnant

  • Xia He looked straight at Gu Zechuan, and walked back calmly step by step. Suddenly, she extended her hand and caressed Gu Zechuan’s chest softly. Gu Zechuan would not look at Xia He’s face, so he couldn’t see her expressions.
  • Xia He lowered her head, and set her eyes on a spot on Gu Zechuan’s chest. She spoke, "What is it? Are you angry now, Gu Zechuan? What a man of man you are, striking your wife for the sake of a stray tramp. Rather than the rose in your greenhouse, must you take your pick from the stray weeds by the streets?"
  • Xia He felt Gu Zechuan’s heartbeat, beating forcefully and strong. The expression she had on her face was a smile, but the smile didn’t touch her reddening eyes. This heart of his used to care for her, and only for her, but now it beat for the sake of another woman.
  • "Gu Zechuan, do you truly understand who this heart of yours really loves?" Slowly Xia He raised her eyes to look at Gu Zechuan.
  • Xia He’s words brought a momentary confusion to Gu Zechuan. In his uncertainty and doubt, Xia He looked deeply into his eyes, then turned and walked out of the jewelry store. She was at her limit. She was afraid that, if she didn’t leave now, she would break down and be reduced to nothing but tears.
  • That heart that used to love her so deeply, now loved someone else.
  • But Xia He never once regretted being married to Gu Zechuan. The only thing she wanted in the world, is to be with him, from the time when her hair was black, all the way to the end until her hair turn white and fall. It didn’t matter if he loved her or not, it was enough as long as she could be with him.
  • After Xia He walked out of sight, Yang Qinglian stopped sobbing. Gu Zechuan pulled and loosened his tie in irritation. Why was it that, when he saw that woman’s eyes looking into his, it almost felt as if his heart jolted and seized inside of him?
  • "Zechuan, how about we..." Looking at Gu Zechuan, Yang Qinglian began softly.
  • Gu Zechuan suddenly said to Yang Qinglian, "Qinglian, let’s go have some tea."
  • Somehow, something was making him frustrated and irritated. He felt like he needed some tea to cool off the heat inside his head.
  • At Gu Zechuan’s suggestion, Yang Qinglian suddenly widened her eyes in surprise and shock, "Zechuan, we’ve known each other since young and you’ve always hated tea. You’ve always refused to even touch tea. Why would..."
  • This time, it was Gu Zechuan’s turn to be startled by Yang Qinglian. Yes, of course, how could he forget? He hated tea. But why did he have a strong urge inside his heart right at this moment, telling him that he should drink tea, as if it was the only thing in this world that could calm his mind? Just what was going on?
  • He shook his head, as hard as he could. Gu Zechuan quickly brought Yang Qinglian away from the jewelry store, without having signed for the order of the True Love, naturally, after all the commotions.
  • As soon as Xia He left the jewelry store, she rushed to the nearest restroom immediately and began coughing violently. On the paper towel she used to cover her mouth, was splatters of blood.. At the sight of her own blood, Xia He’s already pale face whitened even more. Quickly, she found a trash bin and dumped the blood soaked paper towels into it and out of her sight.
  • She was sick, very sick. It was lung cancer, at its final stage. Her time remaining in this world grew thin as each seconds on her watch ticked away.
  • That night, after Gu Zechuan left, he never came back to the villa again. Xia He knew that he must be spending his time at Yang Qinglian’s place, but there was simply nothing she could possibly do. After all, he didn’t love her.
  • Time passed rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, a month flashed by. In these recent days, Xia He felt as if she was constantly tired. She slept a lot, and often she dry retched as if she wanted to vomit, though nothing came. She has a bad feeling about this. What she would once hope and even die for, became the very thing that made her afraid.
  • In the end, she finally decided to go to the hospital for a check up. The result of the check up was exactly as she had feared. She was pregnant. She didn’t think that, her very first and her only time with Gu Zechuan, was enough to make her become pregnant with his child.
  • But now, being pregnant is nothing more than a suffering, both to her and to the child inside of her. Her body no longer had what it would take for her to nurture this precious life. And, most importantly, the thing she feared the most was that the child she now bears would be born with defects and diseases. It wasn’t her wish to bring this precious little life into this world, if the only thing that awaits him was a life filled with pains and sufferings.