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Chapter 35 Her Days Are Numbered

  • The indomitable giant that was Gu Zechuan had never panicked so much in his life before. Now, at this moment, he became little more than a little kid, randomly and desperately holding on to whatever he can find that may possibly help him to hang on to the thing that he treasured the most.
  • At Gu Zechuan’s mention of the letter, Xia He’s body stiffened. She had thought that, perhaps the letter had been lost during delivery. Otherwise, how could it be that Gu Zechuan would have no reaction at all after having received her letter, for better or for worse?
  • What Xia He hadn’t considered, was that rather than being lost in the delivery system, her letter to Gu Zechuan was simply delayed.
  • That letter only came to his company at the third day after Xia He was officially pronounced dead, and the day after on the fourth day when Xu Feng came in to work, he notified Gu Zechuan that there was a letter from Mrs. Gu for him.
  • Hugging her from behind, Gu Zechuan muttered softly beside her ear, "Mille, didn’t you say that you want to walk with me for the rest of your live? I don’t care how long or short you still have to live. I want to be there beside you for the rest of your life. In my chest, the heart that is beating even now. Isn’t it from the man that you loved the most? Didn’t you want to be with him forever? If then, won’t you stay by my side?"
  • Finally hearing Gu Zechuan’s words, Xia He broke down into tears. So in the end, Gu Zechuan finally got the letter. He saw it. And he accepted that Xia He only came to love him after the heart transplant.
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