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Chapter 34 Don't Go. I Knew I Was Wrong

  • Xia He pursed her lips in wordless silence, her refusal to answer confirmed Gu Zechuan’s assurance all the more that the child was indeed Mille’s, and his!
  • Thank goodness, Mille and the child, they were both alive!
  • Paying no minds to all the onlookers’ watchful stares, Gu Zechuan reached his hand out to touch Xia He’s cheek, but as soon as his hand moved, Xia He subconsciously flinched and drew back fearfully, leaving Gu Zechuan’s hand hanging awkwardly in midair.
  • But to Gu Zechuan, he was happy enough, knowing that Xia He still lived.
  • "Mille, if you didn’t pass away, why didn’t you come back to find me?" Gu Zechuan asked, in a soft voice, keeping the expression on his face as relaxed and gentle as he could, doing his best to avoid agitating Xia He.
  • But, having heard Gu Zechuan’s question, Xia He’s gradually calming heart raced as emotions of all sorts conflicted within her. Quickly, she covered her mouth as a violent fit of coughs took her, and Gu Zechuan panicked. He almost forgot, that though Xia He lived, but it wouldn’t change that fact that she was still terminally ill. Already at the final stage of her cancer, there was not even one possible way that she could ever be cured.
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