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Chapter 33 I Finally Saw You Again

  • Qin Xuan caught up to Xia He. He overtook her a few steps and turned around to stop her on the way.
  • "Xia He, what happened? Why did you ran? Haven’t we come here to greet the director?" Qin Xuan asked, feeling strange over what just happened. Qin Xuan didn’t know Gu Zechuan personally. He had only heard of his name, but he had never seen him in person. But Xia He knew that the man sitting in the director’s office with his back turned towards them was Gu Zechuan. There could be no mistake. She didn’t want to see Gu Zechuan, and she didn’t want Gu Zechuan to see her.
  • Xia He said, agitated, with a sense of urgency in her voice, "Qin Xuan, do you even know who that man is sitting in the director’s office? He is Gu Zechuan!"
  • Gu Zechuan? Qin Xuan’s eyebrows scrunched and frowned. He had never expected that they’d be able to run into him out of the blues just like that. Perhaps this was exactly as how the ancient saying goes, connected by fate, for better or worse.
  • Qin Xuan stopped to think for a little, then said to her, "Xia He, don’t you think that, maybe this is fate? You and Gu Zechuan are destined to see each other again eventually. He must have seen you then, when he heard me calling out your name. He is probably rushing his way here as we speak."
  • "So Qin Xuan you think that I should see Gu Zechuan? Is that what you are saying?" Xia He’s rushed retort spurted out of her mouth uncontrollably.
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