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Chapter 31 She Lives

  • Two years went by...
  • On a bright and sunny day, a woman sat elegantly in a garden, playing and teased at a little two years old boy sitting happily in her arms, as the winds brushed gently at her delicate and yet pale face.
  • Then, a tall and yet gentle looking man came out from the house with a blanket, and laid it over the woman’s body.
  • Then man said gently, "Though the weather looks fine, it’ll still be a little chilly for a few days, careful don’t catch a cold now."
  • The woman shook her head a little, "I like weathers like this, comfortable and warm. You won’t catch a cold from these winds."
  • "You won’t, but aren’t you afraid that the boy in your arms might?" The man said, in pretend anger.
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