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Chapter 30 The Ones Behind Everything (2/2)

  • "You think I won’t ever find out about the obscure contraceptive that you slipped into Xia He’s food? Really, it isn’t often that I felt I’ve been underestimated so much. Let me tell you, if I should want to find out about something, nothing in this world can be hidden from my eyes. What more have you got to say for yourselves now?" Gu Zechuan threw his cold words at them.
  • Seeing that all they have done was laid out in the open, Yang Qinglian and Yang Ruolan begged Gu Zechuan to forgive them and let them go, but Gu Zechuan’s face remained staunch and unmoving.
  • They begged and begged, until in the end, even their patience had ran dry.
  • Yang Ruolan screamed, "Gu Zechuan! Just what part of my daughter isn’t better than that Xia He? That little fox is long since dead now. Is it really so much fun yearning after a dead woman? You might as well put your love into the living woman in front of you!"
  • Yang Qinglian also chimed in, "That’s right, Zechuan, I loved you so much. Why couldn’t you see that? If you loved Xia He, and cared for her so much, why did you choose to be with me when she was still alive? And now that she is dead, you turned around and took your anger on us!"
  • Each and every one of Yang Ruolan and Yang Qinglian’s words, stabbed into Gu Zechuan’s heart like sharp needles, exactly at the place where it hurted the most.
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