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Chapter 29 The Ones Behind Everything (1/2)

  • Under constant pressure from Gu Zechuan, Xu Feng and his information department was barely able to meet the 24 hours deadline that was thrown upon them, and dug out everything about all who had made contact with Yang Qinglian and her mother. He had been worked through and through, so much that Xu Feng felt that if this were to continue any longer, he’d be worked right onto his deathbed.
  • "Mr. Gu, we got everything."
  • Xu Feng reported in to Gu Zechuan first thing in the morning, with obvious dark rings around his eyes, and handed him a thick file, full of paper and notes.
  • "Mr. Gu, here in this file, is everything about Yang Qinglian and Yang Ruolan, and about the late Mrs. Gu. If there isn’t anything else required of me, I shall get back to my other duties." Xu Feng said, respectfully.
  • With that, Xu Feng turned and retreated from Gu Zechuan’s office as soon as he could, not daring to linger on any more than he had to. If he was assigned any more jobs, Xu Feng really felt like he’d just keel over and die.
  • "Get some shut eyes. And thank you, for all those hard work these few days. It must have been difficult." Gu Zechuan commended.
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