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Chapter 27 Choices and Consequences

  • Seeing the coldness and hardness in Gu Zechuan’s expression, cold sweat dripped from Xu Feng’s forehead. He could tell that Gu Zechuan meant every single word that he uttered. Nevertheless, he must deliver. If he was to fail here, then he really won’t have to go back to work tomorrow, forever!
  • When Gu Zechuan came back to his villa, it was well into the night already. When he came inside, Yang Qinglian hadn’t slept yet. She was waiting for him in the living room.
  • What she wore on her was a set of revealing and seductive silk lingerie, with her flaming figure filling in every inch of her skimpy undergarment, looking as hot as a ball of sizzling flame.
  • Seeing that Gu Zechuan had returned, Yang Qinglian hurried to his side in bare feet, and hugged Gu Zechuan around his waist.
  • "Zechuan, you finally came back. I was waiting for you for so long, and almost fell asleep. My mother went back home, and you didn’t come back, and it was getting all dark... it was so scary being all alone. I tried to cook something for you. Would you like some?" Still appearing the perfect image of an obedient spouse, Yang Qinglian asked.
  • This time, Gu Zechuan didn’t push Yang Qinglian away. He looked at her, as though he was smiling, "I’m not much in the mood for a midnight snack."
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