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Chapter 25 He Fell to His Knees

  • When Xia He’s mother heard that this finely dressed man had called her "mother", it took her a while before it finally came to her.
  • "You are Gu Zechuan?" Xia He’s mother asked in surprise.
  • Gu Zechuan nodded, "Yes, mother. I am Gu Zechuan. I came here to look for Xia He. Is she home?"
  • Gu Zechuan knew in his head already that Xia He couldn’t possibly be here, but still he couldn’t help but hope, or simply would not accept the truth. He wanted Xia He to be here so much, that she had only went home to her mother’s, like how women would often do when they had fights with their husband, and then he would come, apologize, and take her back home with him. But the expression of pain on Xia He’s mother’s face made it clear to him that they were nothing but his own wishful thinking.
  • The expression on Xia He’s mother’s face was that of pure sadness. Her eyes watered, as she looked at Gu Zechuan, "What kind of husband are you? Don’t you even know that your own wife has died? I know my daughter wasn’t happy in her marriage. Her husband doesn’t love her, and he even brought another woman home just to antagonize her. Now that she is already dead, what are you even here for?"
  • Gu Zechuan’s body shook and faltered at Xia He’s mother’s words. Xu Feng quickly grabbed his arm and stabilized him.
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