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Chapter 24 She Will Not Go Unpunished

  • Xu Feng continued, "From time to time, Ms. Yang would check in to hotels with that man. Though all documentations were signed with that man’s name, the images pulled from the surveillance cameras clearly show the two of them appearing together at the hotel. Their latest check in was only three days ago."
  • On Gu Zechuan’s face was an expression of complete calmness, as if he had expected it all along. He asked, "And that fire, two years ago, was it Mille who saved me from it?"
  • "I’ve looked into it, carefully and thoroughly. It was indeed the late Mrs. Gu who rescued you from that fire two years ago, and she also sustained injuries during the process. Mr. Gu, haven’t you noticed, about the way that Mrs. Gu dressed? Regardless of weathers and climates, Mrs. Gu almost always dressed very conservatively, with clothes that covered as much skin as possible, because there were scars on her back from the burn wounds she received while she was saving you."
  • Gu Zechuan felt as if a whip had suddenly come cracking down on his heart. He neglected Xia He too much in the past, he never cared enough about Xia He to want to know anything about her, that he had never noticed that there were burn wounds and scars on her back. Though they had been, in a sense, intimate for that particular night, the room was so dark that he didn’t realize that there were wounds on her. That night, he didn’t bother turning the lights on, because back then, he didn’t even want her in his sight. Thinking back, remembering everything he had done, it sunk into Gu Zechuan that just what a failure of a husband he had been, a walking piece of trash in human form.
  • And then Gu Zechuan’s eyes thinned dangerously. How dare Yang Qinglian lie to him. Now, he was finally able to make sense of the mixture of feelings in his heart. What he felt for Yang Qinglian wasn’t love, or even affection. He had simply felt sorry for her. She told him that she had saved his life, so he simply wanted to make it up to her. He never thought that Yang Qinglian was lying to him about that. Outwardly, she looked so innocent and kind, so much that he never realized what a wanton and lustful woman she was beneath the surface.
  • From all the things that Xu Feng said, it was clear as day already to Gu Zechuan. The baby that Yang Qinglian aborted wasn’t his, but her lover’s. Thinking back, he had no recollection of ever having touched her at all. Though on that morning he did indeed find himself together with Yang Qinglian on the same bed, but he had no memories of being with her, none whatsoever.
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