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Chapter 22 Regret

  • "Still, it won’t hurt to be careful. It isn’t like you don’t know what type of man Gu Zechuan is, always suspicious about everything around him. If he has even as much as a sliver of doubt about you, he’d be sure to investigate you like the untrusting man he is. And if he should be able to find anything, it’d be over for the both of us!" Yang Ruolan said, exasperated.
  • The more the two talked about it, the more Yang Qinglian feel that Gu Zechuan must have known about something. A feeling of unrest began rising in her heart.
  • Gu Zechuan shut himself inside their bedroom. His and Xia He’s bedroom. The entire room was filled with Xia He’s scent, as if she had never left. The perfume that she liked, the lily blossom that she liked, everything in the room was so familiar. All the things in the room were left as they were, exactly as they were, but everything was different now. Xia He was no longer here.
  • Even now, Gu Zechuan still couldn’t accept the fact that Xia He had passed away. In his heart, he refused to believe that. He thought that, maybe Xia He was simply hiding from him, because he had been so cruel and heartless towards her. Remembering the last time when he saw Xia He, and remembering how they parted, the pain in his heart returned, growing and growing until his body began twitching from the pain. It was here in this spot, that she knelt so humbly on the floor, humiliated, and begged him to take her to the hospital, and yet back then, Yang Qinglian was all he could see in his eyes. It must have been mortifying for her, as if all hopes were lost.
  • Xia He must be hiding from him. Her body was nowhere to be found, how could anyone be sure that she really have died?
  • The people at the hospital said that Xia He’s mother came and took away her body. If so, then what he must do now was to find Xia He’s mother and got to the bottom of this. Gu Zechuan never once saw Xia He’s mother, even on the day of their wedding. Their wedding procession was as simple and minimalistic as can be, beginning and ending with barely signing the marriage contract. There were no feasts, no commotions, and no celebrations. A great many knew that Gu Zechuan was marrying that day, but a great many also knew that the newlywed Mrs. Gu was unfavored by Mr. Gu.
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