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Chapter 21 Mother and Daughter, Plots and Schemes

  • Gu Zechuan stayed at the company until late, before finally returning home to his villa, the villa that Xia He would never again be able to come back to.
  • When Xia He was still there, there would always be light inside the villa. Xia He always made sure that there would always be a light left on for him, welcoming and beaconing to him no matter how dark it was outside, as if forever waiting for him to come back to her. But when Xia He was still there, he never came back. All this while, he chose to distant her, leaving her in this cold and empty villa, all by herself.
  • And now, though he finally came back, but the one who had so eagerly and earnestly waited for him could no longer be here. And in her place, were Yang Qinglian and her mother.
  • Seeing that Gu Zechuan had came back, Yang Qinglian and Yang Ruolan were both overjoyed. Now that Xia He was finally dead, there would be nothing else standing between Yang Qinglian and the title of Mrs. Gu.
  • "Zechuah, you’re back. Are you hungry? I made some late night snacks for you, won’t you have some?" Yang Qinglian asked. She looked the picture of a loving young women giving her lover a warm welcome after he came back from a tough day’s work.
  • Remembering what Xu Feng had told him, when Gu Zechuan looked at Yang Qinglian, what adoration and tenderness that used to fill his heart now turned into distaste and disgust. The gentleness and warmth that he used to shower her with was gone, and instead, an analyzing and almost surgical coldness now gleamed in his eyes. That fire two years ago, just who saved him and dragged him out of it? He must get to the bottom of this. He would show no forgiveness for those who dared deceive him!
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