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Chapter 2 Does It Feel Good, Mrs. Gu?

  • Xia He’s calm response made Gu Zechuan even angrier. How could she be so calm even in this situation? He hated that part about her, about how nothing seemed to be able to faze her.
  • "Fruits picked off by force are never sweet. Don’t you even understand that?" Gu Zechuan said, holding back his ever boiling anger.
  • Fruits picked off prematurely aren’t sweet? Xia He thought that they’d ripen and become sweet eventually if they were left in place for a while, but they went directly to become rotten instead.
  • With a soft smile on her face, Xia He encircled her hands around Gu Zechuan’s neck and embraced him. She breathed and whispered into his ear, "I just happen to want to find out whether this fruit I picked off by force are sweet or not."
  • Her soft and warm breath blew lightly against his ears, and with the combination of the alcohol in his system, a certain part of his body began to harden. How could this woman beneath him arouse his body so easily? Again and again, Gu Zechuan said to himself that it was only natural that a man’s body would become aroused to a woman’s touch. Any man would, to any woman.
  • Gu Zechuan ripped apart Xia He’s clothes. Her soft skin bared before him, and he ruthlessly and relentlessly left his marks on her. There were no gentleness, and there were no words of love and infatuation. Only works. Works to exact his vengeance on her body.
  • This was her first time, and her first time being together with Gu Zechuan. Time and time again, Gu Zechuan forced himself violently upon the yet inexperienced Xia He with uncaring roughness. She bit down onto her own teeth, bracing herself against each of the impacts, holding on to her voice as to not scream from the pain. For a time, the only sound in the room was the exhausted and heavy breaths from the two of them.
  • "Xia He, what are you? A mute? You can’t even do something as simple as squealing in pleasure? How was that? Does it feel good being Mrs. Gu?" Gu Zechuan’s humiliating words sounded beside Xia He’s ears.
  • On the other hand, Xia He laid still, overwhelmed still by the pain of having her first time taken away from her in such a brutal fashion. Hearing what Gu Zechuan said, she responded with a weak smile, still panting, "Knowing how strong and enduring my husband’s body is, of course it felt... really... good..."
  • "Xia He, what a dirty whore you are."
  • That night, Xia He lost count on just how many times Gu Zechuan had her. The next morning when she regained consciousness, all that Xia He felt were pains and soreness all over her body as if she had been ran over by a truck. The space beside her on the bed were already empty, and in his place there was only a note, and a box of contraceptive pills.
  • On the note, it wrote: "Take those pills. You’re not going to have my child. Not in your dreams!"
  • She doesn’t even need to think to know just who left behind that note. He doesn’t love her. He won’t let her have his kid. Xia He calmly took a pill, and flushed it down the toilet. With that, she looked at her watch. It was almost time to meet with that woman. She changed into a serene and dignified long flowing skirt, covering up the numerous kiss marks on her body, and proceeded to dress up as finely and carefully as she could. When she finished packing everything away, she took her bag and went out.
  • Coming to the place they agreed to meet, Xia He saw the woman that called her out. That woman sat at a window seat in the cafe, dressed completely in bright red, seductive and youthful. Xia He walked over and took the seat opposite her. Her eyes quickly surveyed the woman in front of her.
  • "Mo Feifei?" Xia He asked.
  • The woman stopped in startlement for a bit, "Mrs. Gu?"
  • Xia He nodded lightly, in silent agreement. She was now Gu Zechuan’s wife, so of course she was also Mrs. Gu.
  • Mo Feifei threw a magazine on the table, hitting the table with a slap. On the cover was a photo of a young budding model called Mo Feifei, together with Gu Zechuan. Xia He only glanced briefly at the magazine. The man on the cover was as good looking as ever, good looking to the point of driving others into wanting possess him for their own. Though it was but a sheet of paper, from it came an air of strength and confidence, as expected of the man that she loved. A slight bitterness flashed across Xia He’s eyes. The title of the article was shocking and eye catching indeed, "Newlywed Supernova Gu Zechuan’s Hot Night Visit to Young Budding Model..."
  • Xia He smiled, a cold smile. ‘Barely a magazine cover and she thought it suffice to bare her little teeth at me?’ Indeed she may not be in good terms with her husband, just about the entire world knows of it already, but that doesn’t mean that she will simply take it when some random woman waltz into her territory and tries to walk all over her.