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Chapter 19 The Truth

  • For the longest time, Gu Zechuan simply sat on the sofa staring at the unopened envelope in his hands. After God knows how long has passed, Gu Zechuan finally worked up enough determination, and opened the envelope.
  • Inside the envelope, there was only one thin piece of paper, though on it were words written in fine delicate writings all over both sides of the paper.
  • "Gu Zechuan
  • The reason why I wrote this letter to you is to explain and clarify a few things. I don’t have much time left, and I don’t want to have to leave this world with the relationship between us being as sour and messed up as it is. I know that you really minded about man inside that photo, so I will tell you now, of the truth, behind everything. The man in the photo, was my previous boyfriend. He died three years ago in a car crash. And at that time, in the same hospital, you were in a critical condition and the doctors and nurses are trying all they can to sustain your life. At that time, you needed a heart transplant, or you might not have lived to see the sunrise in the next morning to come.
  • He had no family. He was an orphan. And it’s at that time that I made an important decision. And that, is to give his healthy heart to you, so that his heart can live on inside of you.
  • And it’s at that time, that I decided that I will walk with you for the rest of my life. No matter how much you hated me, I will never leave you, because the heart that beats inside of you, is his.
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