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Chapter 18 The Letter She Left Behind

  • As if she suddenly remembered something, Yang Ruolan quickly said to Yang Qinglian in a low voice, "Come to think of it, hurry up and get rid of that ex-lover of yours, break him clean off. If somehow Gu Zechuan caught winds of it, I don’t think it’s beyond him to have your life for it. If he ever comes to know the truths behind the brat that you’ve aborted, he’d kill you!"
  • Yang Qinglian panicked a little at Yang Ruolan’s words. From time to time, her ex-lover would come to her for money, treating her as little more than a cash cow, though once in a while they’d get together to have some "fun". Last time was really close. She was accidentally pregnant with his kid. If Xia He hadn’t done such a good job of taking all the blames, Yang Qinglian really didn’t know what she could have done to avert Gu Zechuan’s wrath.
  • Yang Qinglian didn’t want Yang Ruolan to worry. She said to her, "Rest assured, mother, I’ve already broke up with him. I have Gu Zechuan now, it’s much better being with Gu Zechuan than that rundown hobo of a man. That guy always comes to me for money. How do I even have that much money to throw around, much less to just give it to him? All these years, it was my money that he was eating, wearing, and living, all of it. Makes me angry even just thinking about it!"
  • "Then, daughter, let me ask you. Has Gu Zechuan ever... ‘touched’ you before?" Yang Ruolan asked.
  • At her question, Yang Qinglian’s neck quickly reddened. Not from embarrassments, but anger and humiliation. What she was angry about was the fact that, from the beginning to the end, throughout their entire relationship, Gu Zechuan was never once "together" with her. If Gu Zechuan hadn’t been so drunk that one time, if she hasn’t took the chance stripping herself of her own clothes to lie next to him as he fell unconscious in bed, she’d never have been able to make Gu Zechuan believe that they had committed the act, and Gu Zechuan would never have believed her when she said that the child inside her was his.
  • "Mother, I don’t know why, but Gu Zechuan never wanted to ‘be with’ me. He slept that fox Xia He, so why didn’t he want me? Am I really that unattractive? Am I so much beneath that scheming fox?" Yang Qinglian vented her anger.
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