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Chapter 17 She Was Taken Away

  • "Thank God, Xia He isn’t here. She must still be alive. Oh, thank God!" Gu Zechuan said, the passion in his voice grew with each word.
  • When the warden of the morgue, who stood guard by the gate and heard Gu Zechuan speaking to himself out lout, he hesitated for a while, then cut in, "Mister, are you perhaps looking for Ms. Xia’s body?"
  • Upon hearing the morgue warden’s words, Gu Zechuan once again froze in place. All of a sudden, fear filled his heart. He was afraid of hearing the answer, afraid of what the morgue warden might say about Xia He, about her death.
  • He gripped his fist tightly. After a long silence, he turned around slowly to look at the warden. He croaked, "Xia He isn’t here. She can’t be here."
  • Looking at Gu Zechuan’s display of emotions, all the warden could do was breath out a heavy sigh. Then he said to him, "Mister, if you’re looking for Ms. Xia He, her family took her body away two hours ago. It was the right thing to do. It would do no good to keep her body here in the morgue for too long."
  • Gu Zechuan faltered, his knees almost losing the strength to even stand up straight in place. He thought of many possibilities, but the one possibility he didn’t think of, the one that he refused to think of, was that Xia He really had left this world.
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