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Chapter 16 At The Morgue

  • The morgue? Gu Zechuan froze. ‘Isn’t that the place where they place the dead bodies? What could a woman like Xia He possibly be doing in that place?’
  • "Doctor, aren’t you making a mistake somewhere? The woman I’m looking for is called Xia He. She is a living person. She isn’t dead!"
  • The doctor only replied calmly. "I take it that you must be Mr. Gu, Ms. Xia’s husband, correct? Did you not know that Ms. Xia was already at the final stage of her lung cancer? Her days were short enough as it is already, but so that she might be able to keep the child, she chose to burn through whatever little she had remained of her life instead. This morning, the cancer inside her had already began spreading out of control, far beyond what we can handle. We tried our best to bring her back, but in the end, we were unable to hold her life to this world even for a fraction of a second longer."
  • All of a sudden, Gu Zechuan felt as if there had been an explosion inside his head. Why was it that he never knewXia He had cancer? He knew that her health had been less than her best lately, but he thought it was only a minor ailment. He never thought that it could be terminal. Gu Zechuan refused to believe the truth, the truth that Xia He had passed away. How was it even possible that she had died? No, she couldn’t have.
  • "You’re lying to me. Xia He didn’t die!" Gu Zechuan yelled at the doctor, enraged.
  • Inside, the doctor laughed in cold contempt. This man had refused to even spare an eye for her when she lived. And now that she had died and he finally came, he did nothing but throw unreasonable tantrums. Of all types of people in the world, it was men like this that the doctor despised the most.
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