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Chapter 14 He Chose Her

  • Looking at the expression on Yang Qinglian’s face, Xia He suddenly realized something. She stepped backward, and backward.
  • "You! It’s you! What have you done to me? What have you done to my child!?" Pointing at Yang Qinglian with trembling fingers, Xia He questioned her accusingly.
  • Yang Qinglian didn’t even try to pretend. She laughed, in triumph, "What have I done to you? Naturally, I just don’t want you to be able to give birth to a child for my Zechuan. Think about it, if you were to die and leaving behind a child for him, would I, the stepmother, ever love that child? So do yourself and your child a favor, just die and bring him with you!"
  • Xia He never thought that Yang Qinglian would actually be so cruel as to actually harm her life, and the life of the child inside her.
  • "Yang Qinglian, are there no depths that you won’t stoop as low to sink to!? Have you no fear of even karma and retributions!?" Xia He almost howled from intense pain.
  • "Karma or no, you won’t live to see it anyway. Shall we have a little bet? Zechuan will be back soon. Let’s see whether he cared more about you, or about me. That way, you’d be able to go on your merry way clearer right?" Yang Qinglian gloated.
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