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Chapter 12 I Was the One Who Saved You!

  • When Xia He came back, Gu Zechuan only gave her a glance, then turned away to gaze adoringly at Yang Qinglian, reclining against him by his side.
  • Yang Qinglian looked challengingly and tauntingly at Xia He, and Gu Zechuan saw none of it.
  • Xia He gripped her fingers into a fist, her nails digging into her palm, and yet, she mustn’t let them know how much all of it pained her. She mustered as much serenity as she had, and passed by Gu Zechuan and Yang Qinglian quietly.
  • Looking at Xia He, walking by as if nothing had happened, a flame of anger burned in Gu Zechuan. He got to his feet, grabbed Xia He by the wrist, and glared at her angrily.
  • "I’m hungry. Go make something." Gu Zechuan said.
  • Xia He looked at Yang Qianlian, still reclining on the sofa and looked tauntingly at her, "I’m not feeling well. Why don’t you ask your little Lian to make it for you?"
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