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Chapter 10 Bastard Brat of a Bastard

  • The two nurses took Xia He away by force. She pulled, she struggled, but they overpowered her. Thinking back on what Gu Zechuan just said, it pained her heart, and soon the pain escalated into a pang as she felt something began to come up. She began to cough. On and on the cough continued, its intensity grew as it went on, without stopping. Blood splattered, around the corners of her mouth, and everywhere else. The two nurses were frightened at the display. Too afraid to take her blood, they simply stood at her sides at a complete loss as to what to do.
  • When Gu Zechuan came into the blood donor’s compartment, what came into his eyes is Xia He, kneeling and hunching over on the floor, with her hands covering over her mouth, coughing uncontrollably. Blood drenched her hands, and even now as she coughed, thin mist of blood bursted outward from the gaps between her fingers with each cough. It was a terrifying and horrendous sight.
  • "What happened to her?" Gu Zechuan opened his mouth to ask.
  • One of the two nurses said, "We have no idea. Mrs. Gu was very worked up, and then she started coughing... coughing blood. Are we still going to take the blood?"
  • Gu Zechuan frowned, scrunching his eyebrows as he looked at Xia He, coughing uncontrollably on the ground. Looking at her, a sense of frustration and irritation grew in his heart, until it actually started to hurt. But as soon as he thought that all of it could simply be Xia He’s pretense, all of his feelings transformed into despite. Already she had employed such underhanded tactics just to marry him, Xia He couldn’t possibly be this weak and frail.
  • "Take it. Pay no mind to her!" Gu Zechuan said, definite and unfazed.
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