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Love for Life

Love for Life

Update: 2021-07-16

Chapter 1 Marrying Him, Bringing the Photo of Another Man

  • "Xia He! How dare you! To think that you’d marry me while bringing a photo of another man with you! The gall that you have!"
  • Gu Zechuan grabbed the photo, its polished frame glistened with a shine under the lights, and smashed it on the ground as hard as he could. The sound of the frame shattering on the floor brought Xia He back from her momentary lapse. She opened her mouth and tried to explain to Gu Zechuan, but no words came to her.
  • "All the things that you did, all those efforts, to get to me and marrying me, why? Hmm? Why aren’t you saying anything?"
  • Looking at Xia He’s silence, an anger suddenly flared in Gu Zechuan. He grabbed Xia He by her wrists and demanded for answers, but Xia He didn’t answer him.
  • What could she say? The only thing she ever wanted was to stay by Gu Zechuan’s side. As long as she has that, she desired for nothing else in the world.
  • "Because I love you." Xia He said, softly.
  • But when Gu Zechuan heard that, the only response he threw at her is a laugh, a ruthless laugh. Coldly, and mockingly, he gave the shatter frame on the ground a kick, and once again laughed coldly, "You love me? I guess, you should know best, whether you loved my money or you loved the status of being Mrs. Gu. But whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t me that you loved."
  • "I don’t want to see this man’s photo again. Ever."
  • Leaving her with that, Gu Zechuan turned around and stomped off. His silhouette, with his back turned coldly to her, stabbed into Xia He’s heart like a knife. Tonight, the very night of their wedding ceremony, and yet he left her alone to herself just like that, with stone cold ruthlessness.
  • Xia He lowered herself, and gently picked up the broken and shattered frame. Carefully, she retrieved the photo that infuriated Gu Zechuan so, and hugged the photo to her chest. Tears broke out from her eyes like a waterfall.
  • On the photo was a young man, a handsome young man, with a gentle smile on his face that looked like it can bring about the most vibrant and beautiful color to the world that surrounded him. But now, such a beautiful smile can exist only inside that photo forever.
  • All of a sudden, Xia He covered her mouth with her hands, and began coughing. Gradually, her cough grew more and more severe, until it sounded as if she would cough her lungs out. When she took her hand away, on her hand there was a splatter of bloody red. Quickly, Xia He found a piece of paper towel and wiped off the blood, then threw it away into the bin.
  • Xia He came to know Gu Zechuan since three years ago. As soon as she laid her eyes on him, she has decided that he is the man that she would walk beside for the rest of her life. No matter how many despised her for it, no matter how many looked down on her for it, she would be with him. No one understood, only she herself knows the reason why she would be so stubborn. She begged her grandfather to permit their marriage, but she never expected that Gu Zechuan would despise her with such passionate hatred.
  • In a blink of an eye, two months passed.
  • On this one night, when Xia He was about to sleep, from the garden came the sound of a car engine. Xia He’s closed eyes opened sharply. She knew, clearly, that no one would come to this place except for Gu Zechuan. Since the night of their wedding, the night where Gu Zechuan smashed and shattered the photo frame and left, Xia He hasn’t seen him since that time.
  • A sense of surprise and happiness swelled in her chest, but before she could recover, the door of the bedroom swung open with a bang, and Gu Zechuan’s large frame appeared from behind it. His steps were shaky, and his whole body reeked of alcohol. Xia He immediately knew that Gu Zechuan was drunk, very drunk.
  • It was two months since their marriage already, and this is the first time he came back. Xia He was about to get up to welcome him in, but before she could get out of bed, Gu Zechuan’s tall and heavy body came down on her and pressed her back down into it. His scorching breath burned on Xia He’s face, with a strong scent of alcohol.
  • "Xia He, you don’t even love me, why did you make me marry you with such underhanded way? Does being Mrs. Gu mean that much to you? Women like you never ends well! You know I don’t love you!" Gu Zechuan looked at the woman beneath his body, with obvious despite behind his eyes.
  • Hearing Gu Zechuan, a pang rose in Xia He’s heart. She could only look at Gu Zechuan, still pinning her down on the bed, and spoke softly as if she hasn’t heard his venomous words, "You finally came back."