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Chapter 93 How About l Go In Naked

  • In reality, I was not familiar with the media and reporters. After all, I was neither interested in the entertainment industry nor a public figure. However, the two videos were very crucial, for they clarified almost everything unfavorable toward me. No matter how powerful Crystal's fans were, at that moment, they could only say that true love was invincible, and the legal wife had to retreat.
  • Although many people still think that since my father had spoken of me that way, the two videos must be fake. However, naturally, some were not stupid. Crystal could be considered as shooting herself in the foot. Hehe, things have cleared up now. Crystal is probably very distressed, for her image is ruined.
  • Touching my chin, I looked at the account that had posted the video. The username was Kind Person.
  • If I knew who it was, I would certainly give them a huge hug and various repayments.
  • As I immersed myself in the feeling of happiness, the cab arrived at the gates of the Lane family mansion. The mansion had classical architecture. Only a part of the mansion was exposed amongst the dense forest, giving off a romantic vibe.
  • People said that the Lane family has a long heritage in Avenport which only the Goldstein family could compare. It's a majestic, old mansion, alright.
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