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Chapter 75 The Prince By My Side

  • Christopher... I recited his name silently. Suddenly, the car lights from far away flashed. Focusing my gaze on it, I realized that it was Christopher's BMW under the dim light of the lamps.
  • Thinking I was seeing things, I rubbed my eyes forcefully, trying my best to see it clearly. As if Christopher could sense what I was thinking, the owner of the car flashed the car lights again.
  • For a moment, I felt like my surroundings were awash with light again, enveloping my face. Hope was right in front of me. I was so excited that I had an urge to jump down and hug him. Even my hand, which was gripping my phone, was trembling.
  • A text message popped up on my phone. You fool, why did you call now? What if someone overhears you?
  • Only then did I realize that he did not pick up the call because he was thinking on my behalf. All my anxiety and unease flew away in an instant. Holding onto my phone, I grinned foolishly toward the window and sent another message: Do you know the story between planes and love?
  • When I was young, I saw it on the television. Back then, I thought that the female character in the drama was adorable and impressive. Although she was as foolish as me, she understood such philosophical stuff.
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