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Chapter 67 The Exposed Homewrecker

  • I pecked his forehead and left the house in a rush. Only after getting out of the apartment and onto the bus did I regain my composure. Did I just give my consent to let Christopher stay in the same house as me, and on the same bed, no less?
  • I rubbed my chin in confusion. He bought the apartment with my ID, and now he's staying there. The only difference was that I had moved in. Something is off. Why is that?
  • Anyway, the company I signed a contract with was generous. I had made up an excuse saying that I was sick yesterday, telling them that was why I had not made it to work, but the manager did not seem to mind at all. He even asked me to take a good rest at home and to only come to work the next day. The manager even muttered something along the lines about not having to worry about me going elsewhere since I had signed the contract.
  • Shouldn't it be the other way around? I was the one who should be worried about losing my job for playing hooky on the job. He made it sound as if I was an intangible asset of the company. Well, as long as I still have the job, right?
  • Trailing the corridor, I eyeballed the employees around. It seemed like a legit operation as there was a myriad of licenses displayed on the walls.
  • Forget it. I shouldn't get too suspicious. Things are as good as they can get since my job and contract are intact.
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