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Chapter 662 Raw Nerve

  • When the gunshot sounded, Lucas' mind went blank and he could not think further. He even closed his eyes and waited for death in despair. In fact, he had no time to despair because he did not expect that Christopher would fire a shot at that point in time.
  • Click! It was the sound of the spring within the gun hitting the air: no shots were fired. Surprised, Lucas lifted his head and met Christopher's mischievous gaze. Fuming, he shouted, “What the hell? What are you thinking! Are you making a fool of me?”
  • “I'm sorry for scaring you. I was just joking.” Christopher narrowed his eyes as he casually dismantled the gun.
  • “To hell with you!” Lucas collapsed onto the chair and started panting heavily. His forehead was breaking out in a cold sweat and he was drenched in sweat. After all, when faced with death, no one could accept it so naturally. One would definitely be terrified, and Lucas was no exception.
  • Christopher soon finished dismantling his gun. He gently turned the cylinder and took out the three remaining bullets. Lucas' eyes widened at that. So the gun has bullets in it!
  • “Christopher, what were you trying to do? Had you made a mistake just now, I would have died!” With that, Lucas raised his hand and gave Christopher a punch on the chin. However, Christopher managed to block the attack with his backhand. Once he was done reloading the gun, Christopher immediately aimed it at Lucas again.
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