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Chapter 660 We Are In Love

  • It was six in the evening. I had just finished my coffee and eaten two slices of cake. Feeling bored, I asked the waiter to bring me some ice cream from the outside.
  • I've tried my best to be on time but Tobey is late. Is he intimidated by my words last time? No, I mean, did Christopher's domineering presence scare him?
  • After playing around with my phone to entertain myself, I decided I would go home if he didn't show up in thirty minutes. I have done my part and attended the meeting. Whether he chooses to show up is none of my business.
  • “What are you doing here?” I heard someone say. “I'm just getting... Ahem,” I said without thinking.
  • I almost said what I was thinking out loud before realizing it was Tobey's voice. I cleared my throat to cover my embarrassment, put down my phone, and said, “Mr. Osborn, a gentleman shouldn't be late for dates. I'm angry that you have made me wait for thirty minutes.”
  • “Oh really? I thought you would be happy instead since we can keep our interaction to a minimum. Don't you think so?” Tobey smiled, seemingly unaffected by the incident last time. He sat down across from me and asked the waiter to take my coffee away and bring me a cup of warm milk.
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