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Chapter 659 Do Not Trust Anyone

  • “Look at your reluctance. Who just sent you a message?” Mark asked.
  • “It's nothing. Sabby wants me to follow along as she visits a few daycare centers. You know, boring stuff.” I didn't mention Mom to Mark because I would get upset if they fought again.
  • “What about the kid from the Lane family? Where is he?” asked Mark suddenly.
  • “He is busy with work so I didn't ask him to come along with me.” I remembered what Christopher said before he left. He asked me to tell no one about him leaving, not even my own family.
  • I didn't really understand the reason but I would never turn down Christopher's request. He has a special identity. He must be tasked on some special mission again. It's best if I didn't expose his whereabouts.
  • “When Julia was young, she was very capable in doing business and had great achievements even in a male-dominated environment. After getting support from Gordon, everyone came to suck up to her. Today's Lane Corporation is the result of Julia's superb management. If you are half the woman Julia was, I wouldn't be so worried about Goldstein Corporation.” Mark sighed.
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