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Chapter 656 The Plot

  • The plane heading to Bellridge flew over Christopher as he waited on the lawn. After a while, he thought it was about time and walked out from another exit. As soon as he reached the door, an assistant came over immediately and helped him with his luggage while a car stopped beside Christopher.
  • The car window rolled down and Lucas' face peered out. “Get in; I have arranged everything!” said Lucas.
  • Christopher opened the door and got into the car. After looking at the message that Yvonne sent him just now, he turned off his phone and changed the SIM card before turning it back on. “How are the preparations?”
  • “Everything is ready. Lucas' black market trade will be held in Kenfort this time. Many bigwigs are in contact with him. Luckily, I participated once before, so I'm confident I can bring you inside.”
  • Lucas looked solemn. “Is the information reliable? What's the quality of the source?” he asked.
  • “Don't worry. Even if I don't care about your safety, I still care about my own.” Lucas shrugged and continued, “Look, I chose to go with you because I want you to trust me. Mark has some plans regarding this mayoral election. He was the one who pledged to support Darius' opponent.”
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