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Chapter 651 Getting Teased

  • “Stop trying to block my view. I've already seen it,” I told Sabrina with a wave of a hand.
  • “Maybe Aunt Isabelle has a reason being there with Crystal, like some important investment regarding her. Didn't you also mention that Crystal had someone supporting her? I think there's more to it than we think. Yup! That must be it. Haha.”
  • Although Sabrina tried her best to convince me, she gave the same reasons I used to persuade myself before. Therefore, the more I heard about it, the more I thought it was unbelievable. I tried many ways to convince myself back then, but now, I can no longer believe in those lies.
  • I let out a soft chuckle and pointed at the television. “You saw it for yourself. My mom has time to participate in Crystal's television show, but she can't even make time for me. Isn't that hilarious?”
  • “Maybe...” Sabrina had run out of words to comfort me.
  • “You don't need to find an excuse for her, for I've done the same thing many times. However, I can no longer be convinced by it.” Staring straight at the television, I saw that Isabelle was wearing a beige fishtail dress embedded with diamonds. Under the lighting, she seemed elegant with her classy make-up and high ponytail. When standing hand-in-hand with Crystal, the two of them were stunning. The coffee that sat in my mouth had long gone cold, tasting horrible. Placing the cup down, I continued to torture myself by watching the show. When the waitress went and switched the channel, I waved at her and handed her a tip. “Go on and change the channel back, and the money here is yours.”
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