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Chapter 648 You Do Not Love Me

  • “How much longer are you going to keep this up? It's been days, so get back here! What, do you want me to go and pick you up? Stop being so childish. It was just a light beating, and you ran away because of that? What's next? Are you going to cut all ties with me?” Isabelle sounded impatient and upset as if I was the one being unreasonable here, not her.
  • I couldn't believe I expected more from her. All my excitement died at that moment, and I mocked, “I can see you're missing me, Mom.”
  • “That's enough, I don't want to talk about useless stuff like that. Get back here once you're done throwing your tantrum. Your father has been complaining ever since you ran away. You are to come back this afternoon. I want to see you at lunchtime,” Isabelle ordered imperiously, not giving me any chance to negotiate.
  • Useless stuff? Throwing a tantrum? I would have dismissed that usually, but coming from Isabelle, it hurt me deeply. Nonetheless, I forced a smile. “Mom, is that all you have to say?” I asked softly.
  • “What else do you want me to say?” Isabelle was confused. She kept quiet for a while before answering, “Are you expecting me to apologize? That was just a light punishment for a mistake you did, and you want me to say sorry for that? How much of a baby can you be? Can't you learn from Crystal? She thanks me every time I give her something, and she cares about me, unlike you.”
  • “Oh, you want me to learn from her? Well, what do you want me to learn then? Do you want me to learn how to butter up to the rich and powerful? How to mock and belittle those who are down on their luck? Mom, Crystal's going to dump you the moment you lose power. Why do you even care about her? I just don't understand.”
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