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Chapter 644 Erstwhile Buddies

  • “You're saying your mother was in that car?” Christopher's face fell, and he started worrying.
  • I held his hand anxiously and nodded. “Yes. I'm sure of it. The car's different, but I saw her, and she's clearly furious. She just came out of the Lane residence. What should we do?” If Isabelle raised hell in there, I can't bring myself to face them.
  • “Calm down. Let's go in and have a look. Maybe it's not as serious as you think.” He patted my back and took me into the mansion. I hesitated for a while before going in since I'll be d*mned if I did and doomed if I didn't.
  • The servant was clearing the table when we came in. There were snacks and an untouched teacup on it. I noticed it contained red tea, which Isabelle loved. Julia seemed to know Isabelle really well. She knew all her preferences since I realized that the snacks were Isabelle's favorite too.
  • “You're here. Coincidentally, I don't have any poker sessions today. I'll call Darius over so we can have lunch together.” Julia was smiling warmly as if nothing had happened.
  • Seeing that only worried me even more, since Julia would only smile calmly when she was hiding her true feelings. If she was genuinely happy, she'd be beaming.
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