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Chapter 642 Whose Fault Is It

  • “Do you even hear yourself? Are you out of your mind?” Isabelle bellowed.
  • “Yeah, maybe I am. For some reason, Crystal always ends up using the people I love to hurt me. You're my mother, for Pete's sake, and even you treats me like this?” My mother used to sing lullabies to me when I was a kid. She was a gentle soul, but that part of her seemed to be dead.
  • “Christopher has gotten to you, hasn't he?” Isabelle raised her hand at me again, but Lucas stepped forward to protect me. However, I went around him. This time, I wouldn't back down anymore.
  • “That should be my line. Crystal has gotten to you. You fell for her cheap tricks. This is our problem, not hers. She's just an outsider. Do you have any idea how much it hurts seeing you take her side when she mocks me?”
  • I pointed at the painting on the wall and shouted painfully, “Mom, do you have any idea how much I wanted you to come with me to the exhibit? I wanted you to witness my world and my glory, but what did you do? You actually asked me to give my glory up to someone who's not even family! And without any reason! Do you know how much that hurts?”
  • “I told you I have my reasons.” Isabelle was fidgeting, but she was still looking at me coldly.
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