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Chapter 637 Generating Publicity

  • Thinking, Tobey stared at me for a while before shifting his focus back onto Christopher. “Your family may be influential in Avenport, but you're far from being almighty. Even though my family is no match for yours, I imagine that you'd be less arrogant when you speak to me after the Goldsteins become my in-laws.”
  • “If I heard you right, you mean to tell me that not only are you insisting on marrying my wife, but you're also planning to get rid of her lawfully-married husband? Wow, I can't say I've ever met a third wheel that forthcoming,” ridiculed Christopher.
  • Seeing how my husband got a little carried away, I deliberately coughed a few times to interrupt him. Having nothing against Tobey, I did not think it was necessary to belittle him like that. After all, the man lived in Dellmoor and had no business in Avenport.
  • “Mr. Osborn, I hope that you'll at least consider what I've told you. As for the tour around Avenport, I don't really go out much, so I'm not the right person to...”
  • “I can introduce you to some of the best tour guides in town, and I promise you that they know their way around like the back of their hands. Heck, I'll even pay for them. Trust me. You don't want my wife as your guide. So, what do you say?” That was not the first time Christopher had interrupted me, and I just wished I could shove something into that man's mouth to shut him up.
  • In response, Tobey snorted frustratedly before storming off.
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