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Chapter 635 The Set-up

  • In the end, Remington never came to me. He only asked me a few questions over the phone. The man knew what was going on since he remembered everything I told him the day before. Still, he was slightly surprised when it actually happened. Remington quickly recollected himself before asking me for an explanation.
  • In response, all I told the man was that nobody could ever take away what truly belonged to me. If they could, it just meant that whatever they took did not really belong to me anyway.
  • That was what Christopher taught me when he assured me that nobody could take him away from me, no matter how hard they tried.
  • A cool wind was blowing in the air that evening, bringing the sweet aroma of lily to my room as I listened to the calm chirping of the crickets.
  • However, engaged in excessive “exercise”, I was drenched in sweat, and my voice had turned hoarse. I could feel the icy coldness on my cheek as Christopher pressed me against the glass window. I could feel his chest against my back as his sweat dripped onto my shoulder. He leaned down to press another kiss on my back, leaving another evidence of his love for me onto my body.
  • As soon as I turned around to face the man, he greeted me with his warm lips, and the smell of tobacco quickly filled my mouth. His sweet kiss, plus the gentle caressing of his fingers, was almost too much for me. Christopher always knew just how to lift me to cloud nine.
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