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Chapter 629 Crystal Was Terminally Ill

  • Oh my God. I'm not even dressed yet. How could he just barge in? I stared at Spencer charging over and quickly wormed into my blanket. After making sure I was properly covered with nothing hanging out, I sighed in relief.
  • Christopher walked in hurriedly and slapped Spencer on the head. He wailed out in response. Like a rat that had just been caught, he was quickly thrown out. Finally, I was able to climb out of bed and put on some clothes.
  • During Crystal and Lyle's wedding, Spencer had done nothing. Hence, I thought that he and she were nothing more than close friends that shared a passion for art. But now, it was clearly more than just friendship. If anything, his feelings for her seemed to have grown more intensely over the course of time.
  • Walking out of the room, I saw Spencer getting ready to charge over again. I quickly hid behind Christopher and said, “Calm down. Let's talk like adults. Stop rushing over at me. If you do that again, don't blame my husband for beating you up. In fact, I might even add a few extra kicks in.”
  • “Then tell me what is going on? Why is Crystal looking for me? What kind of terminal disease does she have? Is she really dying?”
  • “What? Who said she's terminally ill? All I said was that she's looking for you, so you should come back when you have the time.” My jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing Spencer's questions.
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