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Chapter 628 Hopelessly Blinded

  • I was completely guilty, so I dared not say a word back as Remington let out his anger. Unfortunately, Christopher was by my side. He was the type to protect his wife no matter what happened. Whenever Remington raised his voice at me, Christopher would start putting on a cold front. In the end, Remington was shrieking in anger. He grabbed Christopher by the collar and dragged him to the practice room upstairs.
  • Outside the door, I could hear the two of them fighting with each other. I clasped my hands together before my chest. “Please just let them put an end to this peacefully.”
  • “To h*ll with peace! Yvonne... Ouch! You... I'm telling you, if this painting isn't done by Sunday, I will cut off all ties with you. I will never show up before you again. I... Argh! Oh, is that how you want to play it? Come here and let me teach you a lesson, Christopher!”
  • “What else did you expect? For me to stand here and let you hit me? My wife is the only one that I will willingly allow to lay a finger on me.”
  • “I see you're willing to throw away your friendship for your relationship. I can only say that it is unfortunate to have been your friend.”
  • “Friends are for using. My wife is for loving. That's just how it is.”
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