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Chapter 624 Fake Marriage

  • “What did you say?” I was clearly puzzled at his words. With a quizzical look, I asked further, “If so, why did you say that to my mother?”
  • I still couldn't find a valid reason to befriend Tobey, even after he disclosed that to me. Things were different from the time I first met Lucas, though. Although Mom had a role to play in my relationship with Lucas, I knew right away that Lucas would be a great friend. It turned out that my intuition was not wrong.
  • “How about we eat something first? I haven't had anything yet. Moreover, you're my guest, so let me have the opportunity to welcome you.” Tobey ignored my question and swiftly gestured me back to the dining table.
  • I hesitated for a moment before heading to the dining table, as I wanted to know what tricks Tobey had up his sleeves. I took a small bite of the food while waiting for Tobey to say something. Shifting my attention to him, I noticed his inelegant table manners.
  • “I have poor etiquette, don't I?” He wiped his mouth. Hearing his confession, I became less irritated for some unknown reason.
  • “Well, I prefer it that way. At least it's real. I hate pretentious people.”
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