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Chapter 622 I Can Handle Any Woman

  • This was the first time this question came to my mind. Although it was ridiculous, the fact that I really had this thought showed how heartbroken I was at the time.
  • Not far away, a light flashed, followed by a car speeding toward me. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to avoid it by the time I could take a good look at it.
  • The car made a screeching sound with its brakes and stopped abruptly in front of me. The door opened and a man came out. Strangely, I could not get a good look at this man's face - he appeared to be swaying. Meanwhile, the ground was also shaking. After a brief moment, I fell to the ground.
  • “Are you okay?” From my ears, I could hear a soft and gentle male voice. I thought it felt familiar but no matter how hard I tried, I could not open my eyes.
  • Then, I had a nightmare about something that I had not dreamed about for a long time. This nightmare was absurd and strange. Crystal arrived at my house in the dream, and my mom treated her nicely and kept telling me to take good care of her.
  • I was the only child in my family so of course I was happy having someone to play with. Crystal appeared to enjoy playing with me when there were other people around. However, when no adults were present, she began to bully me and tore up my favorite dress. When my mother found out that it had been torn, Crystal accused me of having lost my temper and that I had ruined my own dress.
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