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Chapter 617 Milk

  • Sure enough, I was drunk in the end. As one would expect, I made the lady drunk as well before I got myself drunk. Although we were both trading insults against each other, the others did not interfere when they saw us drinking open-heartedly. That was mainly thanks to their forthright personality as soldiers.
  • I listened to Christopher reminiscing about his army days with Sean and the others. Seeing that the lady was still badgering me to drink with her, I placed my hand on Christopher's waist and squeezed it with all my strength. Hmph! I'll make you pay for flirting around!
  • “Let's have another one!”
  • “You're a formidable woman indeed, Yvonne! How about we down a whole bottle of beer?”
  • “Bring it on! I'll show you who's the boss!”
  • Having a mad drunkard at a table was already enough to cause headaches, not to mention two drunkards.
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