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Chapter 616 Love Rival

  • At that moment, I was wondering how I would react if I found out that the man I loved with all my heart had an affair.
  • Of course, I wouldn't doubt Christopher's love for me for no reason. I was pretty confident that the probability of him having an affair was even smaller than the sun turning blue.
  • Is the lady one of his consequences for being a casanova in the past? Or is it because I've spent too much time in the Goldstein residence recently that he became thirsty? Is he doing this to quench his thirst?
  • While pondering whether I had failed my duty as a wife, I saw them entering a restaurant. As one would expect, I followed along stealthily. It was not a novel thing for me to do, as I had followed Crystal and him once before. That was also when I realized the many things Christopher did for me in secret.
  • When I approached the restaurant, I discovered that Christopher was not alone with the lady. To my surprise, the people sitting at the table were the ones I was familiar with, including Sean and a few of his comrades I met on the ship earlier.
  • Concerning that lady beside Christopher earlier, she was a mixed-blood. It seemed to me that she had lived overseas for quite some time, judging from her open-minded reception toward everyone at the table. The thing that shocked me was that she grabbed Sean's hand after finally returning to her seat. Is she Sean's friend?
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