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Chapter 614 Lonely

  • Perhaps I have jumped to conclusions. It suddenly reminds me of Lucas. From what I have overheard earlier, I know he was originally healthy. Because of Dad, he ends up being dependent on drugs and can't live without them. Was it caused by inferiority as well? I will never accept such a reason. Maybe I should try to understand him. In fact, I have eventually accepted the fact that he is my father. As a daughter, it seems that I have never paid attention to him and fulfilled my duty as a daughter. I shouldn't be so ignorant.
  • The next day, I added some color to the drawing that Remington asked me to sketch. The drawing turned out well. After that, I covered the painting and went out with a jar of broth that I cooked earlier.
  • “Ms. Yvonne, do you need a driver?” the servant asked respectfully.
  • “Get me a car. I want to head to the office.” I smiled. Mark had been so nice to me. He even introduced me to all the servants on the first day I moved to the house.
  • Not long after, I arrived at Goldstein Corporation. When I walked past the reception counter, I saw the woman who stopped me the other day. Her expression stiffened as she caught sight of me. Staring at me, she put on an awkward smile on her face.
  • “I'm sorry. I was in a bad mood and took it out on you the other day. I hope you don't mind.”
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