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Chapter 609 My Beloved

  • I couldn't help but burst into laughter. “Well, giving birth is something we can learn actually. I'm telling the truth. We have in-vitro fertilization nowadays, right? If you do that, I don't even have to bother thinking about kids.”
  • “You wish!” Seeing that I did not dig in, Christopher pulled me into his arms and fed me instead. “My children have to be birthed from your womb. Otherwise, they won't be the fruits of our love anymore.”
  • That night, when I lay in his embrace, I felt a rush of calmness in my heart despite having so many problems troubling me. It had always been like that. Being wrapped in his arms could bring peace to my mind that I stopped thinking about everything and relaxed.
  • Slowly and gently, Christopher's kiss fell on my lips and trailed further down. Once he entered me, he gazed at me intently and uttered in a soft voice, “Eve, it's been some time since we stayed together in the house just like this. Looks like I have to find a way to marry you as soon as possible so that we can become a true married couple.”
  • “Christopher, I only want you in my life! If I can't marry you, I'll never get married.” I responded to his advances with my open arms, trying to please him with all my might. After all, I was willing to do anything for him because he was worth it.
  • I didn't bring up his conversation with Mark the entire time, as I was confident that he could solve it. Even if I did mention it, he would only end up getting worried.
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