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Chapter 607 Determination

  • Crimes? I did not need to guess to know that they were talking about the incident at the border. The border in Yorksland was close to the delta. There were many criminals, and it was the most dangerous place. Zachary told me before that John and his men used to sell some illegal drugs there.
  • However, Zachary had to listen to everything Wesley said. That was enough to prove that Mark was the mastermind behind everything. I had never brought it up because I did not know how to intervene in that matter. Although Mark treated me well, I could not find a good time to talk about it.
  • Hearing their conversation, I realized that Mark had dragged Christopher into that matter too. How can he do that? No matter what, I'll never allow that to happen.
  • “Young man, no, I should address you as my son-in-law. Although you and Eve did not have a wedding, you two have collected your marriage certificate. You're now part of my family. Since we are a family now, why don't we help each other and do something good together? I'm not getting any younger. I'm going to give every penny I earn to Eve, and everything that belongs to Eve's is going to be yours in the end,” Mark replied casually. His tone was slow and gentle.
  • “But I don't wish to have a father-in-law like you. Mr. Goldstein, you use Eve to threaten me. Don't you think that's inappropriate? That's not what a husband should do.” My heart started beating so fast when I heard that. I got so terrified that I did not dare to open the door.
  • “So, you're not joining us?” Mark's voice turned cold all of a sudden.
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