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Chapter 605 The Mysterious Man

  • Isabelle would always mock me with what happened in the Lane family when she was unhappy. Truth be told, I thought Crystal treated me way better than her at some point.
  • “You said before that you would give me time. Can you please give me some space during this period and stop mentioning the Lane family in front of me? If you're unwilling to do so, why did you suggest it in the first place? You're just ruining everyone's mood.”
  • “Yes, I did say that I would give you some time, but that doesn't mean that you can take forever. Are you trying to keep delaying so that you can stay with your enemy forever?” Isabelle did not even plan to sit down and talk nicely to me. She continued fiercely, “Listen, don't even think about it! There's no way I'm letting the two of you get together.”
  • She got so agitated that she raised her hand high, wanting to give me a slap. However, she gave up doing it the next second as a desolated expression crept on her face.
  • “Mom...” I was still angry with her, but before I could say anything, I noticed a bruise on her fair, delicate wrist. Instantly, I pulled her arm over and pointed at it. “Mom, what is this?”
  • Isabelle panicked upon hearing that. She struggled to withdraw her arm back and stuttered out of nervousness, “N-Nothing. I accidentally fell down.”
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