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Chapter 596 A Storm Is Brewing

  • Mark walked toward us with a kind smile on his face and his hands behind his back. Suddenly, I was at a loss for what to do. It was bad to talk about people behind their backs, and I was caught in the act.
  • “You're here,” I mumbled without calling him Dad. That form of address was still too difficult for me.
  • “Mr. Goldstein.” Christopher stood beside me.
  • “You're still unwilling to call me Dad.” Abruptly, Mark sighed and glanced sideways at Christopher. His eyes were cold, and I could feel an invisible pressure exuding from his body as if he would get angry at any time. Immediately, I was intimidated by the intense aura.
  • Standing next to Christopher, I did not dare to step back. If Mark was angry, I could not let him vent his anger on Christopher.
  • Nevertheless, Christopher did not give in and looked into Mark's eyes. Neither of them moved. Abruptly, I felt nervous because if there were any conflicts between them, the consequences would be disastrous.
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