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Chapter 595 Center Of Attention

  • What exactly is Mom up to?
  • All of a sudden, I remembered what Yvette said. She told me that Crystal had a close relationship with Mom. For some reason, I was flustered. No matter where I went, I could see Crystal as if I would never be able to get rid of her.
  • The question kept bugging me, and when I found Christopher in the garden, I was still immersed in my thoughts.
  • “Is there something in your mind? You look disturbed.” Christopher wrapped his arms around my waist, leaned against the tree trunk, and asked softly while gently tapping my nose.
  • “Is it that obvious? I thought I've done a good job of concealing my emotions recently.” Scratching my head, I smiled embarrassedly.
  • “I've said so much, but you didn't even answer my questions. And you're telling me that you're good at concealing your emotions? In your eyes, do I look like such a stupid man?” He raised his head high and pretended to be furious. “I'm angry. Hurry up and coax me.”
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