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Chapter 589 Used Nathan As A Shield

  • Mark put on a stern expression and said matter-of-factly, “Initially, I do oppose to it. After all, your Mom still can't let go of the past. However, whenever I saw the both of you together, I thought of your Mom and me when we were young.”
  • That was the thing that I had wanted to know the most. What had happened in the past that had separated them and subsequently caused Mom to marry Nathan? Darius had told me that Nathan was the one Mom loved, but why did she choose Mark over him in the end?
  • “Your mom and I had suffered a lot when we were young due to our family problem. At that time, the Anderson family was very influential, but the Lane family had just started to engage in the business field and was yet to be developed. Meanwhile, the Goldstein family had monopolized the malls in Avenport at that time. The first time I saw your Mom, I had fallen for her. Unfortunately, everyone was opposing our relationship.”
  • Talking about the past, Mark put on a melancholic expression and continued, “We suffered a lot in the past. Your grandparents had tried to cause trouble to your mom's family to drive us apart. Without any choices left, I was forced to leave her. In the end, Isabelle had even pretended to fall in love with another guy to prevent my parents from suspecting us. Although we are back together again now, I'm still feeling guilty for what had happened to us back then. If I was strong enough, we will not be separated.”
  • Mark looked straight into my eyes and added, “So, don't blame your mom anymore. She had been through a lot of hardship these years. Besides, some matter can't be forgotten so easily even if time passes.”
  • “I understand.” Mom did have a hard time. After what had happened in the past, no one could let it go without any effort. Moreover, I never blamed her for being inconsiderate. I just felt a little upset occasionally. After all, I could feel her trying to distance herself away from me.
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